Prevent Crypto-Virus with StorageCraft

Protect your business data from destructive ransomware with proven backup and restoration solutions.

Prevent Crypto-Virus with StorageCraft

StorageCraft offers businesses and organizations a proven solution to safeguard your critical data from dangerous ransomware attacks, like crypto-virus. 

Ransomware can be devastating for business continuity, as well as your reputation in the community.  When an organization is affected by ransomware, business critical data is encrypted by a malicious agent and locked so that it is inaccessible until money is paid to release the files (pay the ransom) or the files are destroyed. 

There have been numerous high profile incidents in which large companies and municipalities were infected with ransomware, resulting in weeks of disruption to operations and services.  News of ransomware infections can spread in the community, damaging reputations by conveying a message of mismanagement and causing embarrassment.

In addition to following best practices to maintain a secure infrastructure with program and security updates and limiting the number of staff with administrative privileges, businesses can minimize the damage caused by ransomware with backup and recovery solutions from StorageCraft.  Even if the worse occurs and critical data is destroyed, organizations can access a recent snapshot of their files, limiting the loss.  To learn more about ransomware like crypto-viruses and what you can do to prevent them from infecting your network, contact Pinnacle Network Solutions to talk to a representative.  Protect your data and your livelihood with StorageCraft and Pinnacle Network Solutions, today.


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