Classroom Innovation

Build a learning rich environment for your students and teaching staff with the latest classroom innovation solutions from Pinnacle Network Solutions.  Our dedicated team can provide your school with everything from the latest devices for engaging students in interactive learning exercises to furniture designed for contemporary classroom and media center spaces. Help your students stay on track with best-in-class products from top brands at an affordable cost.    


Furnish your education spaces with furniture that features fun designs while also offering practical functionality for your students and staff. Our furniture solutions offer unprecedented flexibility for unique layouts conducive to your needs.  Enjoy the best of usability and style with furniture solutions from Pinnacle Network Solutions.

3-D Learning

Provide your students with a whole new way to experience STEM learning with 3-D learning using augmented reality and virtual reality technology.  Students can inspect virtual subjects in 3-D, such as an animated human heart, to study functionality in new and exciting ways not possible with textbooks or videos.

Interactive Whiteboards

Instruct with ease with the latest interactive whiteboards provided by Pinnacle Network Solutions.  Educators can write and draw, show presentations, use apps designed for the classroom, and access media and other resources on the internet to illustrate different concepts for different types of learners.

Google Classroom

Improve efficiency in the classroom with Google Classroom.  This solution integrates with google tools and enables teachers to share assignments and provide feedback, as well as stay organized.  Simplify grading and save paper with Google Classroom provided by the professionals at Pinnacle Network Solutions.

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At Pinnacle Network Solutions, we are committed to providing the right solution for the best value.  Choose Pinnacle NS to:

Protect your business

Reduce risk by preventing (or recovering from) security breaches and natural disasters.

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Boost productivity with an updated infrastructure designed, implemented, and maintained by Pinnacle NS.

Trust the professionals

Depend on us to efficiently deliver the solutions you need for shorter downtimes and faster deployments.

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